This Is Not a Gun: A Participatory Ceramic Workshop

A sandwich is not a gun.

A hairbrush is not a gun.

A wallet is not a gun.

These items come from a list of 23 objects that have been mistaken for guns by police officers in officer-involved shootings since 2001.

Please join us in a collaborative art-making workshop and dialogue to honor those lives and unpack the shock, tragedy, and injustice before us. Presented by Cara Levine, Ekaette Ekong and Homeboy Industries, this program encourages participants to give presence to these objects, calling attention to their not-gun-ness by sculpting their shape in clay. This Is Not A Gun endeavors to carve out time and space to cite these issues within our own bodies and stories, without presuming a total understanding of this racially fraught and complicated crisis. This gathering upholds a non-judgmental space for sharing amongst anyone who participates.

This event is free and open to the public, but advanced ticket reservations are required.

Please note this workshop is 3 hours and the MAF galleries will not be open during this event.